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Convert element to EXR sequence

This guide shows you how to transcode a source movie file to a EXR sequence. We can use Nuke to have full control how to transcode the EXRs, e.g. the color management, compression, adding metadata, etc.

  • in the library settings - create a new Transcoding template

  • change the Type of output file to sequence of files (this will output the element path as a sequence notation with a frame counter)

  • add a Transcoding Task and change the type to Custom Command (right side next to the cross icon)

    • input here for exec and params these example values (adjust them to your pipeline)

      • exec

      • params
        -t "$DASELEMENT_RESOURCES/scripts/custom/nuke/" "$DASELEMENT_RESOURCES/scripts/custom/nuke/nuke_convert_lin2lin.nk" "<>/<source.filename>" "<path>" <source.frame_first> <source.frame_last> <frame_first> <frame_last>

  • add two Path Values and overwrite the colorspace with e.g. linear and extension to exr

  • assign this Transcoding template to a Template mapping and also set the proxies (thumbnail/filmstrip/proxy)

It should look something like this:


Example Nuke scripts:

Here is an example command line (exec & params) to send the transcoding jobs to the renderfarm Deadline:


-SubmitCommandLineJob -executable "/usr/local/Nuke12.2v3/Nuke12.2v3" -arguments "-t \"$DASELEMENT_RESOURCES/scripts/custom/nuke/\" \"$DASELEMENT_RESOURCES/scripts/custom/nuke/nuke_convert_lin2lin.nk\" \"<>/<source.filename>\" \"<path>\" <source.frame_first> <source.frame_last> <frame_first> <frame_last>" -name "[das element] <name> - main" -prop BatchName="[das element] <name>" -priority 50 -prop OutputDirectory0=\"<>\" -prop OutputFilename0=\"<paths.main.filename>\"

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