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Copy source to element after ingest fail

In some cases the copying task of the source media to the elements folder might fail or is otherwise interrupted. In this guide we discuss how you can copy the source files into the elements main folder after the ingest is already done.

How to configure

  • create a new Template Mapping - e.g. called copy files from source

  • create two new Transcoding templates

    • noop - placeholder to do nothing

    • copy source to element - copy task to copy from source path to element main path
      Please make sure to check the box: force use of source path

  • set noop for main/proxy/thumbnail/filmstrip

  • set copy source to element as an extra task

We want to run a extra task that copies files from the source location to the main element. When re-rendering a elements media the main task will not be executed. The proxies jobs will be executed before the extra task. That’s why we need to set the other proxies tasks to a noop task. Otherwise it will show an error that no transcoding template is defined.

Start copy process

  • go to the Gallery View

  • select the element

  • in Element Details change to edit mode

  • select transcoding template

  • run the re-render task

Further customization

If more customization of the copy process is required it is possible to execute a Python script. For example to continue a failed copy task and don’t copy everything again.

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