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Delete element(s)

There are two options to delete an element from the library:

  • only from the database (keeps the file on disk)

  • from the database and the file on disk

How to delete element(s)

with the GUI

  • go to Gallery view

  • select element(s) you want to delete

  • go to edit mode

  • click Delete Element button

with the API

  • use the CLI version

  • delete an element by its UUID

  • Windows:
    das-element-cli.exe delete-element 0186e9be35a330e468312ca02ef6ebe4 --database --disk

  • Linux/MacOS:
    das-element-cli delete-element 0186e9be35a330e468312ca02ef6ebe4 --database --disk

There are two flags (they can be used together):

--database set this flag to delete data from the database
--disk set this flag to delete all element files from disk

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