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Good to know

Temp folder

The software generates temp previews in the temp folder (e.g. Linux: ~/tmp/das-element). Files older than 14 days get automatically deleted on startup of the software. The amount of days can be adjusted by this environment variable: DASELEMENT_TEMP_KEEP_DAYS

Enable the debug mode

Set this environment variable to get more logging output: export DASELEMENT_LOG_LEVEL=debug

Element file path extension

By default all file extensions will be converted to lowercase.

Environment variables

It is possible to use other environment variables in the values for the environment variables.


export CURRENT_PROJECT=awesome_project
export DASELEMENT_CONFIG_PATH=/mnt/server/{CURRENT_PROJECT}/config/das-element.conf

Proxy transcoding of file sequences

The FFmpeg transcoding task for a file sequence with the frame rate set to "source" uses by default: 24fps

Transcoding Template order

The order of the transcoding templates and task of a transcoding mapping is:

  • main

  • additional

  • main proxies

  • main proxies - extra template

  • additional proxies

  • additional proxies - extra template

For each Transcoding Task the tasks will executed in the order from top to bottom:

You can control with the Template Steps (template_step) if a certain template is execute for the template step. Either execute proxy/extra templates the ‘main' template, the 'additional’ template or for both.

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