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Install License Server

You need a license server with a valid license file running in order to start the application.
To receive your license file, please send the order ID as well as the host name and host ID (MAC address) of your license server to

The license server required is RLM (Reprise License Manager) by Reprise Software.

Check out this video tutorial to get started.

Setup License Server

  • download the RLM license server: > Download

  • unzip anywhere on your license server

  • run get_host_info.bat to get host id/name

  • contact support to get your license file

  • on your client set the environment variable DASELEMENT_LICENSE=5053@{host_name}

To show your licenses visit the following address in your web browser: {license_server}:5054

If your application doesn’t start check the log file: ~/.das-element/logs/back-end.log

What is the host name?

The host name is what your computer name is called on a network.
Your license server host name will be something similar to: licserver or vfx-license



  • open a terminal

  • type: hostname - hit enter

  • this should give you the host name

  • open a command prompt (cmd.exe)

  • type: hostname - hit enter

  • this should give you the host name

- alternative -

What is the host ID?

The Host ID is your Ethernet ID/MAC address. It will look similar to this:
0284b864d514 or 02:84:b8:64:d5:14



  • open a terminal/shell

  • type: ifconfig - hit enter

  • the host id is the number after "ether"

  • look for you network device and “Hwaddr”

  • open a command prompt (cmd.exe)

  • type: ipconfig /all - hit enter (or getmac /V)

  • look for you network device and "Physical Address"

- alternative -

Connect to the license server

To connect to your license server you have three options:

  • set an environment variable

  • use a license config file

  • use an environment variable file

To show your licenses visit the following address in your web browser: http://vfx-license:5054

Environment Variable (option 1)

Set environment variable DASELEMENT_LICENSE - as a fallback the variable RLM_LICENSE will be used.
Should look something like this: {port}@{hostname}. The default port is 5053


export DASELEMENT_LICENSE=5053@your-license-server


setx DASELEMENT_LICENSE "5053@your-license-server”


launchctl setenv DASELEMENT_LICENSE 5053@your-license-server

License config file (option 2)

Create this file in the current users home directory:


Example file content:


Environment variables file (option 3)

In the Users home directory there is a file called: variables.env
This file will be read before the software start. Add all the environment variables you need in that file.

# Linux / MacOS

# Windows

Example file content:

#### point to the license server

For MacOS it’s way easier to use the license config file (license.conf) or environment variable file (variables.env) since environment variables might work differently depending on the OS version

Setting the variable in ~/.bash-profile, ~/.zsh, etc. might not work since the software starts as GUI application. To make everything as easy as possible it is recommended to use the environment file.

How to run RLM on a different port

If you need to start the RLM license server on a different port use the flag ‘-ws'.
Don’t forget to update the DASELEMENT_LICENSE environment variable accordingly!

./rlm -ws 5055
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