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[beta] 3D Assets



3D viewer

display textures


display animation


support USD / USDZ


support glTF / glb


The 3D view of the current version supports: fbx, obj
Display of modeltextures is currently disabled.

The 3D viewer uses the element proxy as defined in the settings. This can be a low-resolution 3D file.
In some cases it can make sense to point the proxy to the same file path as the main of the element

Example configuration:
Set resolution for both main and proxy task e.g. to the text main.

3D files don’t really have a resolution we don’t need the height and width in the folder name.
The resolution would otherwise be 1 since it can’t resolve the resolution for 3D files.

for the main transcoding template

for the proxy transcoding template

Custom thumbnail

To set a new thumbnail you can use the build in screenshot-button to take a screenshot of the current viewport.

An alternative is to drag&drop a custom screenshot or image on the element viewer. This will perform a copy of the dropped file to the thumbnail path as defined in the settings.

Custom 3D proxy

Drag&drop a 3D proxy model on the 3D viewer (right side). This will perform a copy of the dropped file to the proxy path as defined in the settings.

Please note that the software only can display low-resolution (aka. game-ready) 3D files.

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