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Media Viewer

Video Viewer

The video image can be flipped and/or flopped.
The playback speed can be changed.



flop (mirror X-axis)


flip (mirror Y-axis)


pause / play


  • frame by frame control (left/right arrow key) IN DEVELOPMENT

  • play range of video IN DEVELOPMENT

Sphere Viewer

To display an element in the Sphere Viewer the media type needs to be set to: sphere

Images and videos can be viewer in a lat-long view (latitude/longitude).

Added exposure slider. Click text (left) or exposure icon to reset to 1
Green text indicates that the exposure value has been modified.
The element main will be used to display in the viewer. Works for panoramic images and videos.


  • video controls for videos NOT STARTED

Please note that tiled EXRs are not supported, make sure to use scanline EXRs.

3D viewer

A 3D viewer has been added to display low-resolution (aka. game-ready) 3D models.

For more information check out the page: 3D Assets



Toggle between 3D viewer and a 2D display of the elements thumbnail.

The grid can be dis/enabled by the icon in the bottom left corner.

Take a screenshot of the current viewport, to set a new element thumbnail.
Click the screenshot button in the bottom right corner of the 3D viewer.

Display Options

There are three display options for the 3D viewer:

  • textured

  • metalness-roughness

  • wireframe

metalness - roughness

If the display is set to metalness-roughness you can use the two sliders to control the metalness and roughness of the load 3D model in the viewport.



The preview HDR can be changed for the modes: textured and metalness-roughness

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