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Ingest View


Filter the list of items by searching text in the file paths or the assigned tags.
The filter also accepts a regular expression input: Explosion_.*_\
You can even separate multiple terms by comma to search the tags of the list items.
For example: fire,flame,something

Temp Previews

To preview what the elements you want to ingest look like the software generates a temp preview. These are not the proxies from the Gallery View.

Deactivate “Create temp preview” to load elements faster

File Sequences

By default the software tries to detect everything as file sequences. In some cases the files may have a sequential naming but are actually individual frames (img_0001.jpg, img_0002.jpg, …).

Deactivate “Load file sequences” to load each item as a single item

Split a sequence into single files by clicking the “Split sequence to single items“

Ingest Logs

Each time you click “ingest elements“ a log file is saved to disk. These are simple text files (CSV) that you can use to restore the ingest list again anytime you like. It will populate the ingest list with all file paths and the category and tags that were set.


/mnt/server/some/folder/files.1-120#.exr;Q327954;Q327954,fire,custom tags

These CSV files are very helpful if you want to batch import new elements with predefined tags and categories.

Restore ingest list

To restore the ingest list go to the ingest view and in the bottom left corner click the “load list“ folder icon.

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