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An element can have additional metadata information. For example information about the focal lense or the vendor that provided the element. These metadata information are searchable in the Gallery View.

Search metadata

In the Advanced Search in the Gallery View the metadata can be searched.
Combine a detailed search by a colon :

Example: lens:35mm

Add metadata

Metadata can be added during the ingest phase.

Click on the Metadata button of an element to add additional metadata.

Add metadata using Python hook

It’s also possible to use the Pre Ingest Load hook to add metadata with a Python script.
The expected format is a Dictionary with key-value data: {'key': 'value'}

Example hook file:

import sys

def main(*args):
    items = args[0]

    for item in items:
      item['metadata'] = {'foo': 'bar', 'lens': '35mm'}
    return items

if __name__ == '__main__':

Edit Metadata

In the Gallery View it is possible to edit metada for an element in the edit mode

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